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Welcome to the Bengal Sweets – Pioneer of Bengali Sweets in Rajkot. With more than 18 years of tradition backing us we are dedicated to provide our customers with the very best in authentic bengali & traditional indian sweets and savories. By using the finest natural ingredients, age old recipes, and producing our sweets daily, we have over one hundred varieties of sweets and snacks, and they are all vegetarian and free of preservatives & artificial flavors. We offer a wide variety of luscious sweets & savories within each category

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We invite you to visit our Retail Outlets to taste variety of freshly made mouthwatering Sweets & Snacks.

History - Traditionally Bengali

A precious inheritance that defines who we are, where we come from, and why we should be proud.

Bengal Sweets originally established by Late Shri Narandas Patel, Founder of Bengal Sweets, in Rajkot in 1989.

Our Roots are entrenched deep in the culture and tradition of Bengal. Late Shri Narandas Patel was settled in Calcutta in 1955 to start a chapter in Bengali Sweets making. He was initially related with Tobacco and Tobacco leaves business. After accepting the culture and tradition of Bengal they went to open the Sweets Outlet in busy streets of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). Founded on the principles of uncompromising standards of quality and service, the business soon flourished.

After mastering & inheriting the fine art of making Bengali Sweets, the business moved to Rajkot and we soon established ourselves as a Pioneer of Bengali Sweets in Rajkot.

Since then Late Shri Ramnikbhai N Patel and Shri Ashokbhai N Patel, two obliged sons of Late Shri Narandas Patel, promoted the business acknowledging the contribution of Shri Ashokbhai V Godasara, who has been a partner in our success since we commenced the business. And as we are expanding the business our younger generation, Viral A Patel and Miral R Patel have come forward to continue the same tradition with new ideas and view.

Since the commencement of our business we have come a long way and open 2 Outlets to serve the traditional taste of Bengali Sweets to the people of Rajkot and has been Pioneer of Bengali Sweets in Rajkot.

Over 100 varieties of sweets and snacks are produced at the factory, Bengal House. Always humming with activity, the factory lives up to the high standards the company sets for itself. With new products being added on a regular basis, innovation is constantly the need of the hour.

With several forms of delightful packaging options ensures that they are the first choice of all consumers in the city whether they are homemakers or hard-nosed industrialists.

Quality Assurance
Quality is of the highest concern at Bengal Swwets. Every item produced is carefully made to meet the demands and high expectations of our customers. Quality products are what have made Bengal Sweets a leading producer of Bengali, Gujarati & Traditional Indian sweets and savories.

• Hygienic Environment
• Cook & Tradition from Bengal to get the original taste
• High Fat Milk is used with Good SNF Level
• High Quality Ingredients, Additives and Dry fruits are used for best quality products
• Specially Trained Staff
• Sweets made from 100 % Pure Ghee

What goes into the Best Sweets, Mithais and Savories?
Only by starting with the finest raw ingredients– Milk, Sugar, Dry Fruits and Pure Ghee – can the very best Sweets be prepared. Bengal's hand selects ingredients to ensure that the taste, texture and appeal of the final product is of the highest standard.


Using age old recipes that originated in mithai and halvai shoppe, brings tastes and flavors from "origin" to our Retail Outlets.


Sweets and savories that are produced each day to ensure the best taste and the highest level of freshness. All products are made and kept under Hygienic & Clean environment to ensure our customers the best product possible.


Attention to detail - the skill and know how required to make the very best Sweets - are the foundation of our business. Without these trails, our Sweets could not be considered "World-class".
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